Cagdas D Onal

Cagdas D Onal

Dean’s Professor and Arseneault Faculty Fellow of Robotics Engineering

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

My research aims to enable the common use of robots by the general population. Towards this objective, I am interested in building and controlling unconventional, bio-inspired, soft robotic systems and human augmentation devices to push the envelope in robotics research.

  • Soft Robotics
  • Bioinspiration
  • Origami Engineering
  • Human Robot Interfacing
  • Control Theory
  • Postdoctoral Associate in Robotics Engineering, 2009 - 2012

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • PhD in Mechanical Engineering, 2009

    Carnegie Mellon University

  • MS, BS in EECS -- Mechatronics Engineering, 2005, 2003

    Sabanci University