New Paper: Literature Review of Soft Mobile Robots

Congratulations Aihaitijiang Abudula, (Simon) Hao Yang, Shou-Shan Chiang, Zhenyu Wan, Selim Özel, Robin Hall, Erik Skorina, and Ming Luo for a comprehensive review of the soft robotic locomotion literature.

During the pandemic lockdown, when we couldn’t continue some of our experimental work, we agreed to write a literature review paper to provide a comprehensive overview of recent research in softrobotics .

Under the leadership of our senior Ph.D. student Yinan Sun, current members, new members, and recent alumni from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, WPI Soft Robotics Lab worked together to produce a paper with 226 references in total, mostly from the past 3-5 years, systematically detailing various kinds of soft #robotic locomotion modes, discussing research trends, and highlighting potential future directions: